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Everything in my life has put me on a path of experiences, challenges and positive outcomes. This journey has led to my desire to find new ways to express my thoughts and provide inspiration.  I've always had a love of words since childhood. At a very young age, I was asked to study words and their meanings. As a student, I became enamored in understanding words and how we are able to convey an idea, a thought and our feelings.  I realized early on the innate power of all words. It took many years and experiences to evolve the inherent and undiscovered opportunity to channel that power into something new.

Our Story

My Story

After college my experiences were diverse working in the business, finance & accounting worlds and with varying demographics of clients and peers. Then I suffered a serious accident, and it motivated me to start  off in a new direction.  I began my studies at naturopathic school, leading to a successful and rewarding career as a total health care trainer.


My tenure as a trainer and intense interest in bio mechanics evolved into creating the concept of LifeFit®. LifeFit was developed to nurture the body and spirit through exercise.

The traditional and dated concepts of training seemed static and uninspiring to me. People were not moved by memorizing facts, coupled with rote passive answers and predictive dogmatic directions. The dynamics of educating a person as whole-brain, long-term and experiential beings is one of pure potentiality. The power that exists is broad, deep and exploratory.  I felt compelled to continue my work with the spiritual aspect of the body, and I rediscovered my love of words. I massage them into other unique and positive words with new meanings and they gained strength. This process included

the idea of taking a word, then each letter in that word, and adding an entirely new set of words. By doing this I was able to put a spin, or a new definition, to those letters to convey a deeper meaning for that particular word.

These new extended words were coined : Companionyms.

I started sharing my Companionyms and they were well received. These new constructs have helped many to give greater meaning to words, allowing the words to come to life in a unique fashion for each person reading them.

It’s a pleasure creating these Companionyms and sharing them with those of you who love the written word and all of their fascinating potential.



Positivity with Possibilities

"I could take a word, with a negative connotation, and associate a more positive slant to them. In a world imploding with negativity – everyone needs more words of positivity and possibilities."